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What if WordPress Frustrations Didn't Exist?

Our professional Gurus are there 24 hours a day to help you with your WordPress website.

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We help eliminate your anxiety, frustration and time commitment

when dealing with your WordPress website.

Easy WordPress Support

From website setup to check up…
You ask – We help.

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From Security to Speed,
We work to optimize your website.


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You can rest knowing if anything happens, we’ll be there ready to help, 24/7/365.

WordPress can be challenging, we’re there to give you a digital hand.

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The less time you have to work on or worry about your website, the better.

Who is this for?

We’re there for the person that doesn’t know much about WordPress, is struggling with it, or someone that just wants to save a bunch of time from research or watching countless YouTube tutorials, which often times turns into information overload or sheer frustration.

We’re problem solvers. We answer your questions and do WordPress-related tasks for you and always aim to accomplish this in one business day or less. You can ask us unlimited simple questions and ask us to do unlimited simple tasks so you don’t ever feel lost.


What we do for you


How do we do it?

Our expert Guru’s are skilled in all things WordPress, so no matter what question you throw at us you’ll have an experienced Guru respond. Whether you’re asking a question about how to do something or asking for some help, the Guru’s are there to make life easier for you.

The Gurus help you with your WordPress website, so you can get back to doing what you love.

Ask or Task?

Here are a few things we’ve helped our clients with…


We can help speed up your site.



We’ll help keep the bad guys out.

Email Integration

Collecting emails? We can set that up for you.


Skip the research, we can give you step by step instructions.


Something not working quite right? We can fix it.


Sometimes you need something done on your site when you’re away.


Search Engine Optimization is important for ranking in search engines.

The Guru’s helped me with my website and I am highly satisfied with the results. They are great listeners and worked hard to understand my business and what I was looking for.

Jim Currell

Realtor, Currell Realty

I would be remiss if I did not take the time to say, “Thank You” to Your Site Guru for their continuous availability and expertise in providing top quality customer services in the development and maintenance of our website. In the IT business it is extremely important to be confident in the information you are presenting, caring enough to personalize the delivery, sincere enough to establish customer trust, and dedicated enough to follow through when people need you most. Your Site Guru has these qualities and that is exactly why I have elected to become involved with their services. Keep up the great work helping people!

Ty Christensen

Owner, Insuring Success

I’m not the most tech savvy guy and don’t know alot about websites but the Guru’s gave me the website I needed. They took my concept and turned it into a reality. I enjoy working with them because I know I can rely on them, they are hard workers and they’ll get done whatever I ask of them.

Mike Lindley

Owner, Lindley Clothing

My website was a mess! I had all these things I wanted to change and tweak but didn’t know how and didn’t have time to learn. Shannon and the good folks at YourSiteGuru cleaned up the site, added all the new stuff I wanted and made it look and work great! Not only that, they are fast!

Dr. Waale

Chiropractor, Waale Chiropractic

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