Ready To Improve Your Website's Security?

Unsecured websites unfortunately cost businesses significant amount of money.

Advantages of Adding SSL to Your Site

Improves Customer Trust

With SSL enabled you can build trust with people visiting your site, and ensure their information is safe. The visual cues on an SSL-enabled website clearly show the visitor that you value their safety and are protecting their information from potential hackers.

Improve Search Engine Ranking

Like many people, you may have the same question How SSL improves Search Engine Ranking. Since 2014, Google now factors SSL into its algorithm and has publicly stated that a website with SSL enabled will outrank another site without SSL.”

Affirms Your Identity

Identity verification is one of the most important aspects as far as web security is concerned. There is no doubt about the fact that the internet is increasingly deceptive. In 2009, a guy traveled 400 miles to meet a girl he had met on Facebook, only to discover that he was being duped by two guys who supported a rival football club. However, not all such stories are funny. There have been cases in which people have lost thousands of dollars on fake websites. This is where SSL certificate comes into play.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does SSL work?

When you visit an unsecured website, your browser makes a connection with that website and transmits information publicly. Filling out a form or entering your credit card on an unsecured website means that hackers could intercept the information and steal your data.

By comparison, a secure website with SSL enabled will establish a tunnel between the server that hosts the website and your browser. Any hackers that try to intercept information cannot access the tunnel, which means any information you share on the website is secure. The secure connection and authentication happens in the background in mere fractions of a second and will not affect your website’s performance.

How can my visitors tell if my site is secure?

There are a number of visual cues that are immediately apparent for any website enabled with SSL. Let’s go through a few of them:

HTTPS: Within the URL of your browser, you may commonly see “http://“. When the additional ‘s’ is present, it will display as “https://” and visitors will be able to tell the site is secure.

In modern browsers, such as Google Chrome, the URL bar will say “Secure” and display a lock icon when visiting a site that has SSL enabled.

Why does my website need an SSL Certificate?

Without having SSL certificate there are plenty of problems arise. One of the common problems is customer will not do any online transaction through your website. In fact, they will not trust your website. With an SSL certificate you assure them that your website is authentic. In other words, SSL web server certificates provide assurance of your website’s identity and security. It provides encryption for employees and on-site users. If you cannot risk losing a single user for lack of trust, choose SSL Certificate.

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