A website is the best tool to attract leads. You can choose from a pre-made 5 page website template or go all out with a full function e-commerce website. As there may be tons of ways to particularly use this tool in helping a business grow, there are essential components to maximize its functionalities.

Sidebar Offers – The sidebar of your website is a good opportunity to gather email addresses through subscription. The list that you can build can be used to promote your new products or offerings. In your sidebar, prominently feature your sign-up form by placing it above the fold or through a pop-up.

Call to Action Buttons – These buttons encourage visitors to make specific actions on your website such as buying your products, subscribing to your mailing list, view more pages or simply share your website. This is also an effective tool to submit estimate requests to schedule a consultation.

Content – The content of your website is a good way to develop trust between you and your visitors. Provide high-quality posts on a regular basis to help boost your readership and improve your rankings in the search engines. The more you post, the better your chances to rank higher in the search engines.

Attractive Offers – It is best to be specific when it comes to offers. Start this by knowing your services/product well and what it can do for your customers. The specific offer you come up with, the better. Do not confuse your potential customers by making them believe that your product is the solution to ‘all’ questions. Identify the very reason why you came up with that particular product.

Analytics – Maximize the use of the free tool ‘Google Analytics’. This is a good tool in measuring the analytics of you website especially the traffic flow. Through this, you will be able to see the traffic flow and determine which pages cause the visitors to leave and which ones have the highest traffic.

Core Value Statement – A visitor usually leaves a website in approximately 8 seconds, so you have to ensure that you are able to capture his or her attention in those precious seconds. Once you build that connection, a visitor will most likely dig deeper and know more about you and what you have to offer.

Contact Information – Lost sales are often blamed to lack of contact information on the website. Ensure that your contact information is visible on every page to assure your potential clients that it is easy to get in touch with you. It is best to place your contact information where potential visitors can easily see it, either on the header, footer or both.

Social Media Links – Getting connected is very crucial in a business’ success today. You can easily connect with your potential clients through regular updates via social media pages. The links to your social media accounts should be visible as it is a great tool to turn visitors into followers.

Your website can do so much for you and your business. It may be a fully functional e-commerce website or one from a 5 page website template, the most important is it delivers its function: to provide the viewing public information about your brand or a specific product you offer. Maximize its use to turn visitors into potential customers by creating a user-friendly, information-packed and pleasing to the eye website.