In a saturated world such as an interior designers’, one needs determination, perseverance and certain ability to be known and penetrate the said market. There are just so many interior designers competing for the best jobs that one has to find more clever ways to make herself stand out from the rest. This article will open your eyes to new ideas on how you can make a name for yourself and be known in this field.


Invest in a website

In this day and age, any business should invest in a website that would serve as their window to their products or services. However, one should not just create a website! It has to be well thought of, conceptualized and created exceptionally. Remember that a website should speak so much of you and what you have to offer and in an interior designer’s case, the website has to be modern, sleep and easy to navigate. While it is true that you can find a good interior design website template online, it is still recommended to work with a reputable web designer to work with you.

Your website serves as an online portfolio as it would showcase everything you have done in the past as an interior designer. Given this, it is a must to include good quality photos so they are pleasing to the eyes of potential clients.

In choosing a domain name for your website, make it sure, catchy and easy to remember.


Social Networking

The Social Media is here to stay and with the amount of time people are spending on social media nowadays, it is just right to tap this promotional tool, after all, they’re FREE to use! There’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube among others. Choose what’s best for you, or link them all together and use it to your advantage. To help you with the branding, pick a good name, preferably the same one that you use on the domain, and use this across all your social networking sites so people will easily remember your company or brand.


Physical Portfolio

Your physical portfolio is just as important as your online one. This should contain all your best works, clean, and updated. Always bring it with you for you never know when you’re going be needing it.


Believe in “Word of Mouth”

Your family and friends will always be your first ally in everything you do so ask them to help you promote your business. They can tell their friends about your services, share your works online or look for potential clients for you. Who knows? That one share will open doors for you. Thank them for every close deal.


Continue Learning

In the competitive interior designing world, one must never stop from learning new strategies. To keep yourself updated, continue learning everything about the industry. Attend seminars, conferences, conventions to know the latest in the industry. Furthermore, you can read more manuals, magazines, books and enrol in a course if you must. Arm yourself with the latest so you can also offer your clients the latest.

In any business, it is always best to go the extra mile. One satisfied client will lead you to another potential client. Love what you do and follow the things above to ensure your way to success!