While it is true that you save much money on Do-It-Yourself web designs, you could end up losing more in the long run. There are a lot of factors to consider in achieving a professionally looking and well-functioning website. Remember that your website serves as your store-front and it could make or break your business. You cannot just compromise this if you are really serious in putting your business on another level.

Unless you are a professional web designer yourself, it is essential to have someone conceptualize, design and build a website for you in order for your website to stand out from the crowd. There are a hundred and one reason why professional website designs are better than DIY, especially if you are building one for a business, here are some of the most important ones:


Consistent Brand Identity

Professional web designs can see the bigger picture and would often conceptualize and put into reality a brand visual image suited with multiple contexts. Everything needs to be coherent as a whole: website, logo, business cards, social media profile, etc. Remember that brands which features consistent all throughout are more memorable and has more chances of succeeding in the market.


Additional Site Traffic

Non-converting traffic is useless for a website owner. It is important that your traffic converts into sales. Generally, a huge chunk of internet users leave a site in 1-2 seconds because the site is not interesting enough. Therefore it is must that your website stands out from the rest of the websites offering the same products or services similar to yours.


More Customers

A pleasing to the eyes and easy to navigate website attracts potential customers. A professionally made website has all the elements needed to make this concept turn in your favor by adding vibrant call to action buttons. These buttons are strategically located, conveys the right information and designed in a way that it captures the attention of your potential clients.


Distinction from Competitors

Nowadays when every possible website design is out in the web, a cookie cutter website will no longer work anyway. Do not drown yourself in a sea of competitors, leap higher and be distinguished through a professionally made website – conceptualized, designed and made only for your company.


Content Structure

A website professional knows that everything one sees on a website matters a whole lot. They understand that the fonts you use, the text blocking, navigation and call to action buttons should be strategically planned to capture the interest of a potential client, make her stay in the website and finally make a sale.

To get an appealing and well-functional website, a website professional focuses on the details most non-professionals ignore. They know that these certain differences matter in the overall appearance, readability, and functionality of a website.

Sometimes peace of mind doesn’t come with a price tag. Sure one can get favourable deals from high-quality web designers at low start-up costs, but are you sure that these people can put your dream website to reality? Starting low is the most common trick or marketing strategies of fly-by-night web designers to get more clients. More often than not, these transactions end up as failures putting additional expense on the side of the website owners as he or she needs to ask someone else to do the job again. Put your hard-earned money and trust to professionals, who can show you a long list of professional website design projects they’ve made in the past.