With almost 1 billion websites this year, merchants have to find ways on how to become popular and land on the first page on the search engines. Good search standing could equal to high sales and popularity. And to get a good spot on the search engines, traffic has to be generated through important and selective methods. Online sales can increase through these methods, only if these are thoroughly followed and done religiously.

Increasing a website’s sales through certain strategies is not a huge task. Follow the essential tips below to help you land a good spot on search engine such as Google, and Yahoo! among others.


Professionally Designed Website

Your website is your store-front online and just like any store, it should speak so much about your brand and products. Design a website that’s not only good aesthetically but also easy to navigate. A cluttered website is a major turn off to potential clients this is why merchants spend a good chunk of their start-up money in building a good website. If you are not ready to shell out money, there are a lot of website templates available online, find a responsive web design template that matches to the design you have in mind.

Ensure that your website has everything a potential customer needs from you. Your website can easily attract customers if your website has complete details such as contact information (i.e. email address, office address, contact numbers, etc.), product details, company background, details of each offer, discounts, and promotions among others. This gives your potential customers assurance that they are dealing with a legit business and most likely will not scam them.

People are very visual so ensure that your website has photos of your products. This gives them an idea on what they will be getting beforehand. Include sizes, color, and volume details if necessary.



Online advertising is one of the key factors on a website’s success. There are free ways to advertise but there are also paid ways to promote your brand. Some of the viable options are pay-per-click, banner ads, and Facebook and Twitter ads among others. The good thing about this step is that you can tailor your ads to your budget. You can go cheap or go overboard but both comes back to you a hundred-fold

To give you an idea on how a Pay-Per-Click works, advertisers choose certain keywords for their products and bid. If a potential customer searches for that particular keyword, the search engine then displays the advertisements targeted for it.


Search Engine Optimization

Also called SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is probably the most effective way to boost the online sales of a website. Optimizing a website for the most searched set of keywords related to the website or product could lead to more sales. Its major advantage is that targeted visitors reach your website to obtain your services or purchase your products.


Affiliate Marketing

This serves as the relationship between the affiliate merchants and the website owners. Willing website owners take full responsibility in placing merchant advertisements (i.e. banners and text links) on their websites. The merchant then pays them commission from each closed deal. Affiliate marketing can massively increase online sales as there is an agreement between the website owner and the merchant. The method’s main advantage is that you only pay when you earn.


Money Back Guarantee

This is a simple guarantee that if a customer is not satisfied with your service or product, their money will be refunded. This is one good way to attract potential customers and turn their leads into sales.


Price Comparison

Adding your competitor’s prices and offers in your website gives potential customers an idea that what you have is better than the others. This will naturally lead them towards you and thus increases your chances of closed deals and boosted sales.


The Extra Mile

Give your clients a gift or token with every purchase. By doing this, your sales will most likely increase.

These are just some of the strategies in boosting your sales online. Remember that building a website alone is not enough, so whether you spend tons of cash on a custom website or went the other way by buying a responsive web design template from the website templates available, you will not be successful unless you follow certain strategies to boost your sales.