In this day and age, creating an online presence is crucial for small and big businesses alike. A company’s online presence creates brand awareness and opens more doors to customers they wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise. The question whether to “make a blog website online for the business or not” no longer exists. It is a must to create an online presence if you want your business to adapt to the fast changing times.

Your presence online through your website is important because it is what allows potential customers to find, know your products, and interact with you. Through your website, you can spread brand awareness and gain followers, leads, fans and a loyal base of customers.

New entrepreneurs especially the traditional ones, however, find the whole online presence thing frustrating and time consuming because basically they do not know where and how to start. Here are some tips on how to start capturing the client base your business needs through a strong online presence.

Build a user-friendly website

A website is one of the company’s most important branding tools. However, this tool will only be effective if it is optimized. That being said, a website has to be maintained by adding new and relevant content at least once in each week, keyword research, backlinking and a several other techniques that will give your web page and valuable rank in the search engines.

Maximize Social Media

Free social media platforms are your best friends when it comes to building a solid client base and increasing your presence in the web. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest are the web’s most effective and cost-efficient tools in enhancing the visibility of the company or brand. Your company’s journey in social media doesn’t end in creating accounts, you need to socialize or at least hire someone to do it for you. Content that will capture the attention of your potential customers must be created regularly. Ensure that the content is relevant to your brand, industry and customers in order for your brand recognition to increase. Believe in the power of hashtags as this is an effective way to increase a brand’s visibility on social networks.

Invest a Little on Giveaways

All of us want free things. For decades, companies have invested in freebies and giveaways as a marketing tool in building their brands. Giveaways don’t have to be expensive, particularly if your company is just starting. Little useful things like pens, sunglasses, bags, t-shirts with the company logo or brand is sufficient. Do not forget to include product samples and coupon codes. These giveaways serve as an incentive to the people who follow your business.

Develop a Brand Strategy

The brand strategy is more than just the creative elements of your brand (logo and slogan). It defines what your company stands for, the assurance you made for your clients, and the personality you convey through your products, the way you interact with customers and how a customer defines your brand versus the competition. Once you have created a brand strategy, it is a must that this is maintained by being consistent all throughout: in your mission, website, social media platforms, forums, and in your communication with your clients.

To make a blog website online for the business is far more significant than many people realize. Not only does it showcase the foundation of the business in its homepage, it can also be used as a status quo – a symbol of a “real” business.