A common notion about free website builders online is that it will not do your business any good. Well, anything can harm your business: bad customer feedback, poor customer service, etc. Even a professionally made custom website can harm it one way or another, even without you knowing. Here are some of the common notions thrown against website builders:

Your website will look just like everyone else’s website who are using website builders: False. Every free website builder user will start with a boring, plain design. But guess what? Even the free website builders can be customized 100%! You can also use your photos if you are not comfortable using stock photos by simply deleting them and adding your own. The entire website is completely customizable so there’s no way that yours will look like everyone else’s.

You will have a limited website: Unlike before, website builders nowadays have built-in, easy to use features, fantastic widgets and easy to understand and editable HTML codes. Website builders nowadays can let you put a flash banner using its built-in flash generator, put social media buttons easily, and add other features with so much ease. Total functionality without too much effort on your end.

It is not easy to use a website builder: This is old news. The Website builders years ago were like this because the industry was just starting. Nowadays, they’re even easier than MS office applications. Everything will be given to you in a manner that even a novice will understand. Drag and drop is the key factor here, even kids can do this! If you can use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, then you are capable of building your own website!

Your website has a slim chance in ranking on Google and other search engines: Why not? Once you go online, you have a fair chance just like everyone else. Search engine optimization is even much easier with a website builder because you can input keywords, meta tags, sitemaps, and meta descriptions among others, easily without the need to touch the websites css stylesheet or HTML code. That’s on-page SEO in a few minutes!

People will know that your website is made using a website builder: As I have stated above, free website builders online are 100% customizable so the website is all yours and will look like yours. Some free website builders have placed minimal footer ads or link at the bottom of the page, but hey, it’s free — we owe them that small space. The paid website builders have no ads, you can choose this if you are really not comfortable with the ads.

Still apprehensive over website builders? Come on, give it a try and prove to yourself that it’s anything but. Website builders play a huge role in a businessman’s online reputation. It can be concluded that not everyone who go into business has enough budget for a customizable website immediately. A website builder is one good help for start-ups: it is easy to do and most of all, it is FREE.